My name is Asher Roby, I’m a father in my mid 30’s and living in Central Queensland, Australia. I’ve been overweight practically all my life. As a kid, I wasn’t the sporty one. In fact, the only teacher I felt I hated was my Physical Education teacher. Sorry about that.

For the past few years I’ve been going through a health and fitness journey. With varied success. There were no podium finishes in my past, success was determined more by completion than placing ahead of my competition. I’ve always been too big to run, really, but I tried regardless.

It’s probably helpful to understand that I don’t believe the current epidemic of overweight, over stressed, chronically unhealthy individuals is our biological imperative. I feel that there is something fundamentally broken with the way we view illness and disease. These are not the natural state of our bodies, so naturally I am looking to understand some of the mechanisms at play.

With my background in IT, troubleshooting is something that I’ve been trained to do. When somethings goes bad, the first question needs to be ‘what’s changed?’ If you look at our society, so much has changed in the recent past that it’s hard to pinpoint one thing or another as being causal. That being said I’ve looked often at diet and I’ve tried to manage my weight using diet with limited success. I’m not pretending this is a new idea, just that it’s an underlying belief that is driving my actions. Not many people at my size express a desire to run a marathon, much less complete it in 3 hours or less.

I’ve tried calorie restriction (weight watchers, Michelle Bridges 12WBT, various low carb / high fat (LCHF) diets such as Atkins (one of my earliest diets), Keto and most currently Zero Carb or Carnivore. I’ve also tried very low calorie (VLC) diets using meal replacement shakes. . I 100% do not believe you can out run a bad diet… trust me, I’ve tried. So what works? Different things seem to work for different folks, however I tend to have most success on a LCHF diet such as Keto or Carnivore. If I try to introduce carbs, I don’t seem to have an off switch and just slowly drop back into old habits.

This blog is a journal of N=1. I’m experimenting and documenting to see if I can reverse the damage done to my body by years of eating crap food, and be able to perform well in an endurance event such as a marathon.

My training history is varied as well, mostly a mixture of cycling, running and some form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and weight lifting, which I really enjoy. Right now, I’m very much interested in lowering levels of stress, including exercise induced stress, so I’ve been following Phil Maffetone’s low heart rate method of training for the last month or so. The underlying principal here is that I’ll be able to maintain a training load big enough to get fit for a marathon, without the usual injuries that come from running as a big dude.

There are fitness progress blogs out there galore, what is one going to offer? My hypothesis is that taking a slow approach to running and a low carb approach to diet, will be sufficient to build enough fitness to complete a marathon in less than 3 hours. Hopefully, my journal will give others my size some hope that you don’t have to turn yourself inside out to get results.

Please join me on My Sub 3 Hour Journey.