There’s no question that I have a bit to go in terms of the ole ‘spare tyre’, so out of interest sake, and for the other chunkier guys and gals out there, I’m hoping this serves as a source of confidence that patience and consistency can really get the results you’re looking for.

For reference, it’s fair to say that the so called ‘band wagon’ was a long forgotten speck in the distance up until the 17th of Feb where I kicked off my second crack at the carnivore way of eating. When junk food comes my way now, my mantra is ‘I’m training for a marathon’.

I’ve had ‘some’ success with weight-loss. My heaviest was back in 2010 where I weighed a whopping 158 kg or more. Hard to know for sure, as I didn’t visit the scales often. Getting below 120 has historically been pretty tricky for me so I’m keen to see that number on the scale fade into a distant memory.