After taking it slower last week, I’ve ramped the training back up and I’ve been running at my new reduced HR of 139. To my surprise, the previous 7 weeks of training must be doing something, as I’ve not seen a significant drop in pace at all. In fact, I think I’ve continued to improve. We are also finally start to get an Autumn, so I have no doubt that the cooler weather will be helping my results along.

Still have some concerns trends in my feet, knees and hips. I’ve been researching running form and gait and bare foot running forums to find a glimmer of hope that I can run pain free eventually. Given that I’m basically tied to my desk for 8 hours a day, there’s a good chance it’s related to glutes that are lazy and overly supportive foot wear.

At this stage, as of next Sunday I’m going to focus on transitioning to running exclusively with my Xero Prios. So my running time will be reduced again this week, though I’ll likely replace most of that time with walking and just a little bit of walk/run in the middle to start building the strength of my feet. I am two weeks out from running a 10k. I never had any plans of really ‘racing’ but was hoping my knee and hip pain would have reduced in time to give it a bit of a crack.

The biggest frustration with the pains is that I seem to lose power when there’s a change in slope, and it’s definitely focused on my left side. I’ll keep track of any changes and hopefully I won’t have to take any drastic action to prevent injury.

My training summary for the last week: 3 x 1 hr runs (pushing them out a little to get more time on my feet) 1 x 90 minute run and 1 x 90 minute ride. I’ve been running/cycling this week at 139 MAF Heart Rate and haven’t noticed a drop in speed.