Ok, so 6 weeks in I’m and I’ll admit that I’m struggling with this whole patience thing. I’d read online of people’s stories with significant improvements after a few steady weeks and I guess I’m not seeing the improvements I was hoping for. I’ve given it some thought and I’ll put it down to a couple of things.

Firstly, I’m a good 40-50kg over fat. At 124 kg and holding and close enough to 6′, I should probably be somewhere around the 78-82 kg mark, depending on the benchmark. To address my overweight issue, I’m using the carnivore way of eating to ensure my nutrient density is high, along with a good amount of fat intake and zero carbs. From all reports, athletic prowess in the first few months of carnivore adaptation ranges from limited to poor. There are exceptions out there, apparently I am not one of them.

Secondly, and perhaps a compounding factor to my over fat and carnivore adaptation, it’s been pretty hot for this time of the year (just starting Autumn here in Oz). Running most days at 28-31 degrees Celsius (about 87 degrees in Freedom Units) and between 70-80% humidity. Perhaps one the most interesting things I’ve learned in this process is watching just how much the heat affects the body’s ability to recover. My heart rate stays elevated for much longer on a hot day. This is super useful information on race day, if it is hot. Heart rate management is key.

Training wise, my stats are: 6:00 hours of running total, same breakdown as last week (3 x 1:00 hr runs and 2 x 1:30 runs) for a total of 38.7 km. I ran slightly farther than last week. A small win but I’ll take it for now.

A couple of other observations.

  • The running itself is getting easier. The fatigue in my feet and legs has reduced and at the end of my hour runs I’m not as fatigued. The 1:30 runs are still tough though.
  • My resting heart rate has dropped to around 50-53 bpm in the morning.
  • When I walk my heart rate doesn’t climb as quickly and sometimes it’s barely noticeable if I walk in the cooler weather
  • I feel calmer. There’s a good chance it’s a combination of the running and zero carb but I’m happy with that.


  • My feet do ache sometimes and I’ve been working on some foot exercises to strengthen them. That seems to be helping but it’s taking time… that pesky patience thing coming back to haunt me.
  • My weight hasn’t shifted in the past week. Plateaus are pretty common and I’m not afraid of them, I guess I was hoping to go a little longer before hitting one. I’d love to be under 120 doing this amount of running.