I’m about 5 weeks into MAF training after finishing a C25K program and 3 weeks into eating Carnivore style. To summarise MAF is a training methodology that focuses solely on ensuring the aerobic base is solid and all training is performed at or below that heart rate, which for me, is about 144. I say ‘about 144’ because given his new method to determine Maximum Aerobic Function, I should probably be 134. Let’s keep that between you and me for now.

Since my focus is on time spent training the key metric is in hours. If the MAF process works for me, or if I apply it diligently enough, the resulting km’s should improve over time. The past week I’ve done about 6:00 all up, 3 x 1 hr walk/runs and 2 x 1 hr 30 walk/runs for a total of 38.4 km.

Energy levels are pretty good, certainly better than last week and I have improved mental clarity. I’m putting that down to hitting week 3 of carnivorous eating. Which, for the uninitiated, is eating only animal products, meat (mostly beef), cheese and water.

The only concern is some blistering in my pinky toe and some pain occurring in my heel and foot. Probably early stages of plantar fasciitis. At the moment I’m just taking it easy during runs and being sure to monitor it if it gets worse. If it does get worse, I may have to reduce my MAF HR to compensate.